Our Mission


Alondra's Heavenly Delights is a small sweets company founded by Executive Chef Violeta Hernandez. Chef Violeta is a La Cordon Bleu trained chef. During her education Violeta had the opportunity to study with seasoned and accomplished chefs from around the world in Paris France. Some of these master teacher’s specialties were pastries and chocolatiers. Violeta excelled in these courses. Chef Violeta cultivated her talent and passion over many years working in some of the premier restaurants in the Sacramento area.

            Chef Violeta shared this passion with her beloved daughter Alondra. Alondra was a beautiful charismatic young lady who loved her culinary classes in school, enjoyed photography, had an enormous heart, treated everyone with the love and kindness of a saint. Together they dreamed of opening their own business in the food industry.

            Chef Violeta also has a great passion for health and fitness. In 2018 Chef Violeta began to create and produce her own high protein nutritious snacks to further her own health and fitness goals. Soon she was sharing these treats with her “fit family”. It did not take long for these delicious and healthy treats to be in demand. Chef Violeta continued to share these treats with her fit family for almost 2 years.

            In 2020 many families suffered great tragedies. Chef Violeta’s was no exception. Alondra was called home to our heavenly father during the pandemic in July of 2020 just two weeks after her 20th Birthday. 

            When agonizing over how to honor her beautiful daughter Chef Violeta decided to make their mutual dream come true, thus, in the kitchen in which they shared so many wonderful moments, Alondra's Heavenly Delights was born.

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